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Paratrack 2 Tracking System

ParaTrack 2 is the evolution of the Surface Wire Tracking System. Utilizing inexpensive, light gauge wire, and driven by a small hand-held low current power supply, ParaTrack 2 saves money by significantly reducing setup and survey time, while also offering superior survey quality in magnetically noisy environments vs. antiquated DC based services. ParaTrack 2 is particularly useful in the guidance of horizontal bores while passing pipelines and buried cable transmission lines under rivers, highways, and other obstacles.

ParaTrack 2 is a turn-key service that includes a Vector Magnetics Steering Probe, a ParaTrack 2 Guide Wire Power Supply for injecting AC current into the surface wire, and RivCross software which provides a graphical environment for managing the job from end to end. Configurations may include closed loop tracking, single wire with earth return, or even tracking wire installed in existing bores for precise spacing of multiple bores. Options include the Pressure Module (link) providing annular and drillpipe pressure readings and the At Bit Inclination Assembly (ABIA – link) which provides real-time monitoring of at-bit inclination – and industry first.

HDD Applications


River Crossings – Underground tracking with precision exits even in cases of severe interference

ParaTrack 2 sets the industry standard for River Crossing applications, using ACDC, or Magnetic Beacon sources.  Our tools provide the ability to accurately track crossings much deeper than competing systems, and in situations of severe external interference, or, with the Beacon Tracking System, in locations where laying a traditional surface coil is not possible.




Intersections – Precision end-to-end intersections for extended reach crossings and cased exit soils

The ParaTrack system provides drilling contractors the option, for the first time, of planning a job with the intention of an underground intersection.  Multiple methods are availble to perform the intersection – Passive Magnetic Ranging for close proximity intersection, Single Wire Guidance when a nearby bore is available, and Rotating Magnet Ranging Service for long range end to end homing-in.  Each of these methods have been proven time and again in the field, and we can help you to determine which one is appropriate for your particular application. With ParaTrack , projects that were once outside the scope of traditional River Crossing methods are now possible.



parallel-boreholesParallel Boreholes – Precision underground tracking in tight-tolerance right of ways

When crossing in densely populated areas, tolerances may be extremely tight, either to stay in a rigidly defined right of way, or to closely track a nearby pipeline.  ParaTrack makes these challenging crossings possible by allowing real time positional tracking of the proximity between the bore you’re in, and the bore you need to follow.  Options include running a wire through the existing bore or pipeline, end to end, and electrifying that wire for tracking from the Vector Magnetics probe in the drill-string, or Passive Magnetic Ranging, which allows for tracking of the nearby pipeline with no access to the neighboring pipe required.