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F5 Digitrak HDD Guidance System

The DigiTrak® F5® SST® (Short Steering Tool) cable system is an advanced, easy-to-use HDD guidance system that delivers quick and accurate steering data. The system eliminates the need for a DC wire grid and its lengthy setup time. Due to the small size of the SST® transmitter, tight turning radii can be achieved.

The SST® system monitors the tool’s compass heading (azimuth) in degrees and provides the operator with a lateral deviation (in degrees) from the intended path for quick steering corrections.

With the F5® receiver and FSDTM remote display, the operator can view real-time position and depth data. A laptop computer also graphically displays the tool’s progress in real time. It shows both a profile view of the bore and a bird’s-eye view of the lateral deviation.

DigiTrak F5 SST Features
  • Compass heading (azimuth) in 0.1 degree increments
  • Tool face (roll) in 360 positions
  • Inclination (pitch) in 0.1 percent or degree increments
  • Computed depth and lateral position
  • Temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • Available as an upgrade to the F5 Locating system